Dom Kennedy

Written by on May 18, 2016

Label: The OpM Company

Recent releases: Best After Bobby 2By Dom Kennedy

Dom Kennedy is like the younger, West Coast version of Curren$y: making that dope, chilled out music, travelling around the world and getting that quiet money.

While Dom dropped his first project in 2008, it was his 2010 mixtape, From the Westside with Love, that made him a major player in the independent game.

I have never been anything else. The benefits of being independent are being able to make mistakes and learn from them hands on. Nobody else to blame or to pay for the fuck ups. I love it. The good and the bad.

Thanks to over 100,000 downloads and a major visual campaign which saw him dropping videos for “1997”, “Locals Only”, and “The 4 Heartbeats,” the success of From the Westside with Love took the L.A. rapper touring around the world.

After turning down a record deal from Interscope in 2013, Dom has continued to work hard and put out dope music, dropping Get Home Safely and more recently, By Dom Kennedy, via his own label OpM – Other People’s Money.

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