Nipsey Hussle

Written by on May 18, 2016

Label: All Money In

Recent releases: Mailbox Money

Nipsey Hussle has been about this independent life for a long time now. Even before he was signed to Epic Records, Nipsey was dropping releases to build up his brand and promote his music with Slauson Boy Vol. 1 and two volumes of Bullets Ain’t Got No Name.

The Crenshaw representative may not be as prolific as his independent peers but he’s quietly making big business moves and paving the way for up-and-coming indie artists to make money for themselves.

Look man, let me be involved in ownership, it’s gonna cost you the same amount of money, I don’t want a check up front, I just need production, marketing, distribution and access to your network of retail.

Nipsey set a new standard for the value of hip-hop music with his bold Crenshawcampaign, charging $100 for physical copies and then doubled down again in 2014 with Mailbox Money where he charged $1000 for a copy.

Both campaigns were a major success – he made $175,000 in one month off Mailbox Money, which included $60,000 from selling 60 physical copies, $15,000 from digital copies, $50,000 from iTunes, $50,000 from Spotify as well as 250,000 free downloads from DatPiff.

Along with Chance The Rapper, Nipsey represents a new era in the independent rap game where it’s all about being paid for your craft, investing in your business, cutting out the middle man to go directly to your fans and embracing the value of your art.


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