Written by on February 2, 2018

Driving along in Australia with Gangstaville Radio pumpin’, as usual, I hear this new track.  It has a cruisey flow.  Just how I like my riding music.  In the lyrics I’m hearing Caddy.  Now my ears prick up.  Who is this?  I have to know.

My question was soon answered when Dj Stanun interviewed him on his Gangstaville Radio show.  It’s the South side Chicago rapper, PAYPA CHASER.  The interview revealed a very interesting artist that is well worth keeping up with his new music.  Paypa Chaser has that strong Midwest sound.  With Cadillac there’s even a Southern feel to it.

The beat and Paypa Chaser’s flow on this track brings a sense of you moving along with the song.  It’s fun and freedom. That’s what I call ‘riding music’.  Also, I love a Cadillac. We don’t have Cadillacs in Australia, other than the few imported ones.  When I was in USA it was cool to see all the Caddies.  Even better riding in them.

If you love rap and Cadillacs this track is for you.

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