Yoli J80

Written by on July 4, 2020

Jeromie Jacobs (A.K.A Yoli) is a Chicago Westside native born into a large family. From a young age, Jeromie chose to live free. At a young age, Jeromie would tell others “ Why wait to be what you are already!” In addition, Jeromie adopted the attitude of loving everyone and everything which helped him fuel a desire to grow as both an artist. As an entrepreneur with little money, Jeromie grew businesses to be highly profitable during recessions. He tirelessly worked long days to prove that you can profit during hard-times. Jeromie placed himself on Chicago’s infamous west side, Madison street, where he invited artists from all over the world to paint murals, collab on music, etc. In this field, he has met Kool and the Gang and has written and collaborated with multiple celebrities. 


​Jeromie has been working in music for 20 years in Chicago and wants to introduce his new music to the world.

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